DIY - How to Upgrade Your Backyard on a Budget

If you are looking to make some tasteful, yet affordable upgrades to your outdoor living space to increase the value of your home, you have come to the right spot. Whether you are considering selling your home now, later, or maybe not at all - these seven ideas will surely improve the overall atmosphere and value of your backyard on a budget.

1. Put in a Patio or Outdoor Seating Area. If you don’t already have a patio, consider investing in one as they are a highly desired amenity. If you already have a patio, an outdoor seating area is essential to this upgrade. By simply adding comfortable seating, and a table you can create a perfect area for entertainment.

2. Focus On Landscaping. Increasing the appeal of your backyard can be as simple as cleaning up your existing landscaping and adding a couple finishing touches. Trim your trees, pull out dead bushes, look for areas that might need some repair. Maybe plant a low-maintenance garden, add shrubs, or mulch to reflect the overall upkeep and condition of your home.

3. Fire Pits. Who doesn’t love making s’mores? A fire pit will complete your outdoor living space by creating a flare and sense of community right in your backyard. Fire pits are affordable improvement projects and also provide an awesome place for family and friend gatherings. Fire pits will essentially increase your yard’s attractiveness as well as your home value.

4. Outdoor Grill and Bar. The majority of people have already invested in a grill because of the key role it plays in the summertime. If you haven’t, the time is now! Adding an outdoor grill and bar will significantly boost your ability to entertain and contribute to an attractive backyard.

5. Increase Lighting. Landscape lighting or outdoor lighting can be easy to install, but another popular route to enhance patio lighting is string lights or lanterns. Consider all of your options before investing, and think about how to accent the best parts of your yard. This creates an intimate tone for your social gatherings.

6. Update Your Paint. It is important for your interior painting job to be up to date and well-kept, but how about your exterior? Keeping your outdoor area fresh with a coat of paint is an advantage when it comes to keeping up aesthetics. You don’t have to paint the whole house, but maybe consider touching up small areas.

7. Add a Pergola Or Other Shade. Pergolas are beautiful additions to backyards, because it will effectively give you more living space. Installing one over your existing patio or deck provides several benefits, including better shade, as well as opportunities for more greenery and lighting. Upgrading your backyard to increase its overall value can be hard work, but is well worth it.

From simple things like increasing lighting and working on your lawn, to adding a patio and outdoor seating area, all will help when you want to update or sell your home.

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