Dryer Maintenance Checklist

Dryer Maintenance Checklist

Dryer Maintenace DIY

Hey everybody, Janice Allen, your Michigan Home Girl at Jaqua and it’s Hometip Tuesday and today my tip is about giving your dryer some TLC. 

How often should a dryer be serviced?  DIY dryer maintenance is easy.  Here are 5 tips for maintaining your dryer. 

Aside from cleaning your lint filter each time you use your dryer, every three months or so remove and wash the link screen thoroughly by popping it in the dishwasher to clear residue left from dryer sheets.   While the screen is out, clean the lint trap with a vacuum or get a dryer lint brush attachment to clean the inside of the trap because lint can build up there too.  If you find that the automatic cycle isn’t fully drying your clothes, check for excess lint in the dryer vent tube by removing it from the back and cleaning out any lint build up.  Periodically, check the vent cap outside and clean it because lawn clippings or dirt can build up around the vent.  And make sure you wipe down the inside of the drum with some rubbing alcohol to remove residue from dryer sheets.    I hope you found this tip useful.  Take care!

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