Spring Garden Show

Wedel's 29th Annual Spring Flower & Garden Show Class Schedule

This weekend, Wedel's is hosting a must-attend event packed with fascinating seminars! Dive into topics like growing your own food, rock landscaping, bird feeding, herb gardens,  deterring animals from your plants, beekeeping, and much more. With 21 speakers, 20 vendors, delicious food options, it's one of the largest local events of the year.

Let's come together and #supportlocal to boost our community.   

Wedel’s 29th Annual Spring Flower & Garden Show Class Schedule

Friday, March 22

10:00 GH Hydrangeas Demystified Learn the secrets to making hydrangeas bloom, which ones to prune at what time and the newer, easier-care varieties that are now available.  David Arsenault, Spring Meadow Account Manager

10:15 CR Iris Culture and Transplanting Learn more about these brilliant bloomers and how to care for them. Be sure to bring your iris questions!  John Coble, SW MI Iris Society President

11:15 GH A Bird in The Bush Is Worth Two on The Feeder – Interested in birding the native way? Learn about what native plants you can plant in your landscape to create a habitat that will naturally encourage birds to come to your backyard.  Gary Miller, Certified Green Industry Professional

11:30 CR Take Time to Plant the Roses  Roses can provide much more than just a cut flower! Find out what rose varieties are new for 2024 and how to care for roses to get great performance in your garden. Kay Landrum, Wedel’s Perennial Manager

12:30 GH You Might be a Beekeeper and not Even Know It! The bees in your backyard play an important role in safeguarding our planet. Learn how to identify bees, where they live, and how to observe them. Brian Walters, president of the Kalamazoo Bee Club and beekeeping instructor at Kalamazoo Valley Community College will be your guide into the fascinating world of bees.

12:45 CR New, Exciting Shrubs You Need to Update Your Landscape  See some of the new, irresistible shrub introductions that are better looking and easier to care for than ever.  David Arsenault, Spring Meadow Account Manager

1:45 GH Landscaping With Native Plants for Pollinators – Learn about native plants to have in your yard that will attract and support pollinators.  Gary Miller, Certified Green Industry Professional (CGIP)

3:00 GH Plant Repotting Made Easy – It’s not as scary as it seems! For many of us, the idea of uprooting your plants to transplant and check root health can be a daunting task. Join houseplant expert, Jackson Distelrath, as he shows you the best way to keep an eye on root health, soil mixing, and types of containers that will best serve your plants.

3:15 CR You’ve Got a Friend in Me – Did you know planting certain types of vegetables next to each other will aid in their growth and support healthier and stronger crops (with less effort on your part)? Join CGIP Gary Miller to learn about friendships that have stood the tests of time through the long-time tradition of companion gardening.

4:15 GH Too Much Thyme on Your Hands – Want to spice up your life? Botanical expert, Jackson Distelrath will go over the most commonly used herbs for cooking and medicinal uses, how to grow them, how to use them, and their benefits.

6:00 GH Nature Getaways Overlooked nature areas, easy walking trails, waterfalls & rare natural wonders of Michigan.  Ron Rademacher, Michigan road trip Author & Speaker

Saturday, March 23

9:15 GH Growing Your Own Food You can enjoy 3 seasons of harvest, even if you have small spaces or raised beds! Joannée DeBruhl, Organic Farmer, Permaculturalist & Backyard Gardener

10:30 GH New Trees, Shrubs, and Perennials for 2024 Looking for another plant (or a few) for your landscape? Are you landscaping a new yard, or redoing or adding to your landscape? You will want to check out these exciting new tree, shrub, and perennial varieties for some ideas for your yard. Gary Miller, Wedel’s Certified Green Industry Professional

10:45 CR A Squirrel, a Deer, and a Chipmunk Walk into Your Backyard... – Ah yes, our favorite joke. This class is for those of us who are tired of their gardens being the punchline. Wedel’s expert Stacie Lancaster will go over the products and the solutions we offer to solve your pesky pest situations.

11:45 GH Seed Starting 101 – Join Jackson Distelrath, Wedel’s botanical expert, to learn about the basics and botanicals of seed starting. Learn how to read seed packets, the best methods and tools for planting, and how to successfully transition sprouts to healthy strong plants.

12:00 CR Rock-n-Roll Hardscaping – Are you between a rock and your landscape? Join CGIP Gary Miller and learn how you can use rocks in your landscape, what different types of rocks we have available at Wedel’s, and the hardscaping services we offer in case you want help.

1:00 GH The New, the Hardy & the Beautiful Come join us in previewing the new varieties of perennials your garden just can’t do without! Kay Landrum, Wedel’s Perennial Manager

1:15 CR What Birds Are or Are not in My Backyard? It’s time to invite birds into your landscape by cleaning birdhouses, getting the right seed, etc. Bring your stories and questions for the birding guru! Bill Stovall, Stovall Feeders & Houses

2:15 GH Pruning 202 – To prune or not to prune? - that is the question. Join CGIP Gary Miller to learn the proper times and techniques for pruning your favorite backyard plants, including plants that benefit from and need pruning, plants that may need pruning, and plants that usually don't need pruning.

2:30 CR Houseplant Speed Dating 202 – Back by popular demand, houseplant guru Victoria Ward will be your host in this interactive matchmaking game show. As we learn about some of the most popular houseplants. we’ll also be taking time to self reflect on our care styles and finding which plants match how we tend to them.

3:30 GH Upgrading to Low-Maintenance Landscape Solutions Your time is valuable – here’s what you need to update your home landscape for less maintenance time – we’ll discuss drip irrigation, new easier-care plants and more. Sharon Steele, Landscape Designer, and Andrew Wedel, Wedel’s General Manager

 1) Check out our seminar lists PLEASE NOTE we will have TWO locations at Wedel's where our seminars will be taking place and many seminars will overlap each other, so we recommend picking your favorites and making sure you have time to get from one to the next without leaving one early or hopping into another after it has started.

2) Decide how many seminars you’d like to attend; we have two options for purchasing tickets…

       - Purchasing tickets for each individual seminar you’d like to attend at $5 each (ideal for those who only want to attend one or two seminars each day)
       - Purchasing a Day Pass for $10 that will grant you entry into any of the seminars on that day (ideal for folks who’d like to make a day out of the Spring Show and attend more than two seminars)

3) Sign up! 
Classes tend to fill up quickly, so we recommend signing up as soon as you have your day arranged.

4) Attend!
 The day of the event, please have your confirmation email handy, you’ll be picking up your pre-purchased tickets at the front door when you enter the store, just like a will-call for the theatre.
If you aren’t sure what your day might look like and would rather wait until you’re at the show to purchase tickets, you’ll be able to do so at our cash registers with cash, card or check.

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