Tips for Buying Waterfront Property

Tips for Buying Waterfront Property

Check out these tips for buying waterfront property

You may not be the only one hoping to move towards the water because of all these advantages. With only so much lakefront to give away, competition Before you start your search to snag that lakehouse or property may be fierce. to live on the lake, make sure you’ve checked out these tips for buying waterfront property:

1. Differentiate Between Lakeview and Lakefront - If a property is listed as a lakefront or waterfront property, then that means that part of the property boundaries will include frontage on the body of water. On the other hand, lakeview or waterview properties only mean that the house or land is in view of the water.

2. Pick the Right Water and Location - Some lakes are all-sport lakes, some lakes are considered non-sport lakes

3. Choose What Kind of Lake Life You’re Looking For - The type of lake can also refer to whether or not the lake offers public access or if it’s a private lake. Public lakes tend to be more crowded, which could steer some buyers away while others would consider that a perk.

4. Walk and Inspect the Property Carefully - performing water-specific tests that inspect elevation, water-quality, mold, corrosion, flooding, etc. is especially essential before putting a bid in on a lake house. The view from photos may be mesmerizing, but in real life you may find more weeds, debris and other problems with the water itself.

5. Check for Hidden Costs and Deals - Depending on the lake or body of water you live on, you also may have a homeowners association fee to pay. If there are problems with the lake's cleanliness, who takes care of the clean up? If a boat dock doesn’t already exist, how much will it cost to add one and will there be zoning issues to consider?

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